Tuesday, June 25, 2013

DIY Glass Bead Candle Holder - Guest Post Uniquely Undone

I'd like to welcome Kate from Uniquely Undone today.  Enjoy!

I saw a really cute project from Dollar Tree and was motivated to try this myself!!! Not only is it easy as pie, but it's really cute and looks lovely at night!!

My supply list:

  • colored glass stones (one bag per candle jar)
  • clear glass candle jar
  • glue gun
  • patience

Idumped out the stones and sorted them by color to make it easier to keep a pattern going. 

Sorting made it easier to place the darkest blue pieces
twice in one row since they were the least abundant!
These weren't necessary to sort,
since there were only three colors.

Then, I began gluing! The oblong stones were placed horizontally and vertically in whatever manner I could fit them!!

The round stones were easier to place in a row with two dark blue stones per row. There was a tight squeeze at the end of a row, and I had to overlap a stone...but on the finished product, you've never even know it wasn't a super snug fit!!

If you've ever worked with a glue gun before, you'll be well aware of the "stringage" you get!! These strings were easily pulled right off, so don't panic!!

Also, I came across a few misplaced stones, and was pleasantly surprised at how nicely the dried glue peeled right off of the stone.

And here are the finished products!! Cute as can be!!


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Hope to see you then!

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Rita Adams said...

This is so cool!!! I will definitely give this a try. I have all those things needed; the glass, beads and the glue gun. I've never thought of this! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful idea!

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