Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bathroom Trends 2014

I'd like to welcome Amber Hash who has written an article especially for DIYbyDesign.

Every futuristic movie, television program or book has described flying cars, robotic housekeepers and unusual kitchens and bathrooms in which the obvious features are hidden away, tucked into invisible recesses or so fundamentally changed that they no longer look like a toilet, basin or bath. While flying cars and jet packs do technically exist, they are far too expensive or unsafe for public usage, and robotics, while making tremendous advances year on year, have still not come up with one that combines the perfect home companion and domestic servant in one, but modern design, technology and materials have advanced enough to allow us to indulge in our dream sci-fi bathroom! 
The 2014 trend for bathroom d├ęcor is to invest in bathroom fittings that look different; not just to other bathrooms, but to any bathroom! This wonderful hammock design bath positively invites use, promising a smooth comfortable cradle while you soak in steaming, fragrance water. 

This bathroom is similar, offering the same soft and round contours, while having the bath more firmly on the ground but still unique and distinctive enough for any discerning fashionista. 

While the bathroom feature here has a clearly recognizable toilet (which will be a relief to any guests in urgent need of relief!) the bath itself is splendidly reminiscent of an eternity pool, speaking of relaxing, candlelit pampering sessions after busy days at work.

Many modern architects and interior designers are choosing to strip out barriers and walls inside bathrooms, creating one generously large wet room. These bathrooms are not only attractive and spacious, they are perfect for people who have poor mobility or even rely on a wheelchair to get around. 

As you can see, having a wet room rather than a traditional bath can really open out a bathroom, making even the smallest space seem larger. If it is necessary to have a wall or barricade of some kind in the bathroom, perhaps opt for clear glass. This allows the full dimensions of the room to be displayed to the best effect, while containing water, steam and warmth into a small area. 

The environment is a popular theme for many and for most of us switching to eco-efficient systems and materials is an easy matter when redecorating or renovating. Choose bathroom fittings that use as little water and power as possible, while still providing a good bathing experience. 

Solar heaters can be used to make sure that you always have enough hot water for the whole family to bath, without it costing you a penny on your electricity bill! For small bathrooms you can install heated towel rails from as they provide good quality bathroom products at very affordable prices.

So bathrooms in 2014 are going to be energy efficient, spacious and futuristic-looking, but what color themes are going to be popular? The answer is, any color you like! 

Add a few metallic touches to add a warm touch and try to stay to a scheme that uses no more than three colors (more than three can create a muddled look, especially in a room that is traditionally small). Your bathroom is going to be used several times a day, every day for years so make sure that it is one that you will enjoy going into each day!

Thanks Amber!



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