Monday, January 2, 2012

Ring and Hook Pub Game

Welcome 2012!!  I'm looking forward to a great year ahead.
Today I wanted to share a project that I made and gave to my son for Christmas this year.
When we went on our Disney European Cruise this summer, my son spent much of the free time we had playing this ring and hook pub game in one of the lounges.  It is a game that consists of a string attached to the ceiling with a ring at the end of the string,  that you have to swing and attempt to loop the ring over a hook on the bull's nose.
For Christmas my husband asked me if I could make this game.  Of course I could!!  I started with a wood plaque I bought at AC Moore using a 50% off coupon.  I painted the face of the wood with Anne Sloan Chalk paint in Old White and painted the edges with a craft paint in grey.

Using my Silhouette machine I cut out a bull's head in black vinyl and the letters in blue vinyl.

Here is the finished plaque before the hook.

We hung it on one of the oak columns in our basement.
You need sufficient space on all sides in order to toss the string.
I wanted to safely hang it from the ceiling and make it easily removable whenever the game was not in use.  I started by having my husband drill a hole in a small dowel.  I then threaded the string through the dowel.  I added a little black electrical tape over my knot to ensure it didn't slip.
All materials were purchased at Home Depot.

Then my husband drilled a small hole in the ceiling and used a plastic wall anchor and
screwed an eye hook into the ceiling.
Here are the exact dimensions necessary for the game to work.
The small dowel with the string goes through the eye hook.
Whenever the game is not being played we just remove the dowel.

We then measured the exact height and added the metal loop at the end.

Voila!  This entire project cost less than $10 and my kids have played it all week long.  Any time we have had company this week, they have played as well.

Both my son and daughter have "ringed" the hook almost 80 times each.  They are actually keeping a tally.  If you look closely you will see that I have zero.
Yes...I have the skill to build it, but apparently lack any skill to play it.  Lol

Anyone else ever try this game?  It's addicting.


Susan Anderson said...

This would be a big hit at my house!


dee dee said...

I've never seen this game before, looks like it could be fun and addicting! Great job!
Dee Dee

Dee ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️ said...

Hi Judy,

Very clever! It looks like fun.


Jan@southernjunkin' said...

Cute idea and so much fun for kiddos and all!! Thanks for sharing the details!

Gina said...

What a great idea!

You rock for building the game, Judy, even if you can't ring the bull!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I've never heard of it, but it looks like fun and addicting, Judy! Well, I think your alright with "0" ~ your skills lie in other areas! : )

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Judy, you are so clever! What a fun game for a kid's it!

Jennie said...

My kids totally love this game. They learned it at summer camp, where it is just a hook on a post. This would be a huge hit at my house too. No one would ever come out of the basement!

Anonymous said...

Judy, I have given you ample time to take my game off the site. When I do a search on the Internet for Ring The Bull, I still see your link to a DIY Ring The Bull. You have continued to infringe on my Trademark and copyright. The next message you get will be from my lawyer either on this site or by mail. I tried to be a nice guy and you have taken advantage of that. Good luck denfending yourself in this matter.

Summer Chapman said...

I Googled this to find how to instructions after enjoying the game on the Disney Magic also! So funny!

nata said...

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Unknown said...

How do I adjust the measurements with a playing with of 6'5"?

LogicApe said...

My aunt's place on Florida's west coast had this on the patio. We played constantly, every time someone was out there, we'd hear the 'clink' of the ring hitting the hook. Thanks for the detailed instructions - I can't wait to rebuild this on my patio. So fun!

Unknown said...


Oh as if you invented this game, you tool. It's been around forever and goes by various names. You're a clown. Anyone who tries to trademark a ring, hook and piece of string is not exactly a wise businessman. You can buy all of it for a couple of bucks at a hardware store. Go away and take your "attorney" with you.

Unknown said...

Played at Jesse's sports bar in Pompano Beach FL,what a great game we played for drinks

Unknown said...

Just seen this site and thought you might be interested in the following; in 1965 I played this game in an very old pub in Reigate, Surrey, UK. The hook was a cow horn, which added to the difficulty, and and the ring was a bull nose ring.
A great patio game. Dave

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