Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nauset Light Beach

We are on our annual end of the summer vacation.  Each year we come to Cape Cod.  This vacation is pure relaxation.  Well, relaxation the way our family knows how to relax (for instance...yesterday me and the kids played two hours of tennis, then biked ten miles as a family, then went to the golf driving range and ended the day with relay races at the beach).

Nauset Light beach has great meaning to our family.  My husband grew up going to Cape Cod.  When we met, he introduced me to this wonderful vacation spot.  We got engaged on this beach in November of 1990.  My husband's father's ashes were spread on this beach after his death in 1994.  We have brought our kids here year after year.
What's so nice about this vacation is that it really feels like home.  We stay in the same place year after year and always go to the same restaurants.  Often we come with friends.
This summer we are here with my husband's brother and his kids and my mother-in-law.  It's our perfect way of ending the summer.  How about you?  How do you wind down your summer?
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Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Hi Judy, we live in MA and spend a lot of time at the Cape. We just went to Nauset when we were down there for a week in July.....the kids love the surf there. Hoping to squeeze in one more day there before the kids start school.
What special meaning that spot has for you!!

Susan Anderson said...

We do much the same thing at Newport Beach, a week before our grandkids go back to school. We stay in the same place, eat in the same restaurants, frequent the same spots.

It's a wonderful tradition, isn't it?


Susan Anderson said...

PS. We did visit Chatham once and loved it.

Nan ~ Playful Decor said...

Judy, what a nice tradition. Thanks for the memories! I grew up in New England and always loved going to the cape. I want to take my boys there soon!
Also wanted to tell you I just opened a blog hop on kids decor and thought of you and your daughter's room. I'd love for you to join up if you can! And pass on to others you think would be interested. All my best, Nan

Traci said...

What a wonderful vacation. It sounds heavenly. Although, it makes me tired thinking about everything that y'all are doing!!

Janell @ House of Fifty said...

Sounds perfect, we do a similar trip at least once a summer and it is like home! Janell

Dkimlaw said...


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