Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rag Dolls - Two Ways

There's a heat wave hitting much of the country.  When it's too hot to be outside, how about a fun craft project to keep you busy inside.  Here are two rag dolls I made for my daughter a few summers ago...pre-blog...was there actually life before blogging (Lol)...
Both dolls are made with muslin.  Muslin is to doll crafts what drop cloths are to home decor.  Muslin is super inexpensive so it makes the perfect material for these dolls.
As with any doll, it all comes down to the face.  For this doll I used black rounded buttons and hand painted the rest using a fabric paint in a squeeze bottle.
I made the clothing out of calico fabric bought at JoAnn's.
Her hair was made by ripping strips of muslin and tying knots at one end and hot gluing it to her head.

The other doll is more of a scarecrow rag doll.  I used pinking sheers to cut out the pattern.
Again I hand painted the face.  I made the hair out of raffia and tied off the neck, arms and legs using it as well.
The first doll pattern was from Simplicity.  Can't remember if I had a pattern for the second one or if I just modified the first.  That's the best part about using muslin and making dolls.  They don't have to be exactly perfect to look cute.

What do you think of these two cuties?  Do you think you will try one this summer?

Can't wait to see what you think.



Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Very cute, Judy! Pre-blogging days? What's that? : ) I know what you mean though. There are things I've done pre-blogging {as long as 15 years ago} that are resurfacing again these days on blogs. I'm working on a doll related project; an old doll cradle I found from the attic that was my daughter's that I'm updating for the granddaughter.

Beansieleigh said...

Well, it really is no secret, at least around my home, how much I love dolls! Yours are so SWEET! Love them both! ~tina

laxsupermom said...

Love these! Their faces are so sweet! You did an amazing job with them! These would be great for my monthly Before Blogging party. I'll send you a reminder in a couple of weeks(it's the third Thursday of the month.) Thanks for sharing.

Susan Anderson said...

What great dolls, with so much personality!


Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

cute dolls.

Jenny said...

Life before blogging?!? Seriously?


These are adorable. My sister was a doll maker. She made lovely clothes and faces just as you do!

Thanks for a lovely memory and a perfect link for the letter 'P'.


Unknown said...

I love these precious little rag dolls, Judy! Such a labor of love. Love the torn muslin hair! It is a goal of mine to make Edyn 2 waldorf dollies before Christmas. I've never made a doll in my life so this might be quite the undertaking!


James said...

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