Friday, November 23, 2012

Make Your Kitchen Look Modern Without Breaking the Bank

I'd like to welcome Stephen Jones who has written an article especially for DIYbyDesign.

A kitchen serves as a hub of activity for many families. Food preparation does not take into account kids doing homework, a laptop set up, or maybe even entertaining guests with some cards at the kitchen table. It should come as no surprise that many folks want their kitchen to be an attractive space that is both welcoming and functional. A modern, attractive look can be accomplished inexpensively through some of the following methods.

a) Appliance Art Magnets
Appliances are subject to a lot of wear and tear from general use. They will eventually start showing wear and damage from that use. Instead of replacing the appliances, take a look at appliance art magnets. These magnets can make an appliance look like it has an entirely different surface without the huge cost that comes with replacement. 
b) Change the Countertops
Countertops are typically one of the more expensive parts of kitchen renovation. Countertop overlays are designed to be installed over the countertops already in place, allowing the owner to change the look while saving money. Neutral tones with an earthy feel are a great, modern compliment that mesh with just about any kitchen décor. 
c) Paint the Cabinetry
Cabinets take up a significant portion of the kitchen space. Updating the look on cabinets can help cast the entire space in a whole new light. A very simple way to modernize their look is to paint them with a glossy or matte black. The black approach is suitable because it goes so well with other colors and styles while throwing off that modern vibe.
d) Paint the Walls
Painting the walls is the most common way to change the feel of any space in a building. A change in colors for the walls of the kitchen will have a greater affect than most other rooms. The reason is the cabinetry. The cabinets take up a significant amount of wall space that would otherwise be affected by the wall painting. The two factors need to work harmoniously for the greatest affect. The key is in using contrast. A kitchen with black cabinets should use a very light color for the walls- such as ivory or crème. 
e) Accents and Hardware
Chrome and silver tones are an excellent compliment to modern tones. Adding chrome storage
bins or other containers accentuates the materials already present while complimenting appliances. Hardware on cabinetry can be changed out to further the look. Knobs and handles with a streamlined look are a great way to provide subtle accent that reinforces the modern space in the mind of the viewer.
In Conclusion...
A lot of money does not need to be poured into a kitchen space to give it a modern look and feel. A few changes in the structure and adding some newer countertop appliances, chrome storage bins, or seating can provide that look without breaking the bank.

About this Article: This article was supplied by, which was established in 2000 and since has grown to be one of the UK largest online DIY stores. It stocks over 70,000 products including kitchen bins.

Thanks Stephen.

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