Friday, December 10, 2010

Holiday Gift Ideas

If you're like me, you may be starting to realize that Christmas is almost here.  To be's only two weeks away.  If you are looking for some inspiration, here are some of my favorite gift ideas:

For her:

How about a beautiful antique silver jewelry box?

Antique Silver Jewelry Box

Or how about a cozy personalized throw?
West Elm-Shadow Stripe Throw - $49

These are the best gloves from Bath and Body works.  These are especially good during the winter.  You just use your favorite moisturizer on your hands and wear these gloves overnight.  The result is soft, supple hands in the morning.
I love these boxes from West Elm as well.  These boxes can be used for so many different uses.  I could see these being used on a desk for supplies, or splitting them up and using them in multiple locations around the house.  With such beautiful colors you can't go wrong.
West Elm - only $31

For him:

The apple i-pod shuffle.  At only $49 you really can't go wrong.  Love all the colors.
This is one of the best tools ever.  It's called a Yankee Drill.  It's perfect for making a drill hole when bringing out your big electric drill would be overkill.  Simple to use.

Stanley Push Drill
A picture hanging level is another amazing tool.  I use this every time I hang a picture or a mirror.  You just measure the distance between hooks on your picture or mirror and move the slides on the level to match.  No more multiple holes in your wall.  Always perfectly level pictures.
Picture Hanging Level
 Finally, how about a laser thermometer.  It's perfect for checking the temperature of your heating and air conditioner vents to make sure your system is in working order as well as checking your refrigerator or oven (or in our also is perfect for checking the temperature of our new pizza oven).  

Laser Thermometer
Hope this helps you in finding that perfect gift for someone still left on your list.  Have a great weekend!


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Tru said...

Thanks for the suggestions. I would actually like the push drill for myself.

Unknown said...

Like all those ! I am following you ! Love your blog and kitchen ! Ah maybe one day i will get one of those again :)

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

I adore personalized gifts, especially cozy ones like the throws!


Judie said...

Judy,I need everything I can get from Bath and Body Works! I got into bed last night and realized that my favorite sheets, actually the bottom sheet, was ripped halfway down to the end of the bed. I didn't even think until today that my horribly rough heels had done a number on that sheet! I am sleeping in socks tonight.
Love your blog!!

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