Tuesday, September 25, 2012

When Perfect Isn't Really Perfect

For the past several years I have been on the lookout for a carved mirror for my dining room.  I wanted a large mirror that I could put above my buffet.  But of course, it seems once I get something stuck in mind, it's often very difficult for me to find that exact thing.  Then, when I least expect it

...I find it.

Here it is...sitting in the back of Home Goods.  A Drexel Heritage, gorgeous mirror.  It wasn't inexpensive at $250, but it was a deal, as I know that mirror is at least $500+ from Drexel Heritage.
I went and got the measuring tape from the store and measured it.  It was 42" x 64".  
Now that information was a bit useless, since I had no idea what the size of my buffet was, but I figured it had to be larger than 64" wide.  Worse case scenario, I figured I would hang it vertically if I had to.
The mirror is HEAVY.  I got someone to bring it up front and put it in the back of my minivan (which fits everything)  and I lugged it all the way home.

I was very excited.  
When I got it home I pulled it out of the back of my mini-van and then realized I could not get it up the stairs in the garage.  It is big and bulky and HEAVY (did I mention that already) and couldn't do it.  Luckily my friend stopped by and she helped me bring it in.
It was even more gorgeous in my dining room.
However, it was even larger than I realized in my dining room.

My buffet is 60" wide.  
The space above the buffet to the crown molding is 64" high.
The mirror is 42" x 64"
Do you see my issue???
To hang the mirror horizontally (which is what I thought I would do), the mirror would actually be wider than the buffet which would not look right at all.  The rule of thumb is that a mirror should be 2/3 the width of the piece of furniture you hang it above.
 Clearly this would be breaking the rules, and not in a good way.
To hang it vertically it would reach from the top of the buffet to the molding,
filling all of the space above the buffet.  
Here is an idea of what it would look like (I super-imposed it into the photo).
Here is another view:
I really want to keep this mirror.
Do you think it will look "wrong" if the mirror fits the entire space above the buffet (the mirror is 64" tall and I have 64" of space between the buffet and the molding)?

I could swap out the buffet for the server piece on the other side of the room, 
which gains me all of one inch (since the piece is an inch shorter).

I've searched the house and there really is no where else the mirror could go...
plus, this is really the room I want this mirror.

What are your thoughts?

Don't forget to stop back tonight for my Fall into Fall party.

The link opens at 8pm EST.  
Hope to see you then.

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Carol-Anne said...

I think I'd just lean the mirror on top of the buffet (attach it for safety, but just have it leaning on the wall on top of the sideboard). I think this would look just great! It's a very pretty mirror...

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I would do it, Judy. The space is there and I think it looks great in here.

Rebecca RIordan said...

You can put somnething either side of the buffet to widen it. Little columns, maybe?

At The Picket Fence said...

Hmmmm...that's a tough one Judy! I think I would hang it vertically or do what Carol-Anne said above and have it leaning but attached to the wall still. That would give you some clearance at the top and would also bring a "laid-back" look into the space...pun intended! ;-)

AntiqueChase said...

okay... this may sound weird. but can you cut the legs of your buffet just a smidge?

Cynthia said...

I think I would lean the mirror on the tope of the buffet. I think it would be pretty, so I agree with Carol-Anne

Gina said...

I say live dangerously & do it! LOL If you really do love it, then no rules!!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

You have seen that huge mirror I have over my sofa in the living room. It is 2 inches wider than my sofa. It really doesn't look funny. I think it is fabulous in your room and going to the ceiling is not a problem, but I think you should try it hanging horizontally. I bet by the time you put a lamp with shade, a floral arrangement, or greenery on the two ends of the buffet, it will look absolutely perfect. Just give it a try. Hugs, Marty

Recreate and Decorate said...

Lean it! I think it will look great!

Gail said...

I agree with what every one has said here....I don't think you could go wrong with any one of the suggestions.

Anonymous said...

As someone who's hung something too large in a space, my suggestion would be to take the mirror back and look for something the right size.

If you think it looks too big now, it will always look too big. You will always question whether it looks right. Then one day you'll just take it down and question why you put it up in the first place....

....At least that is what happened to me when I tried putting a picture that was too tall over my bed.

It is a beautiful mirror and I bet if you can find someplace where it will be really stunning if you want to keep it. Then you can focus on finding something that you know is perfect for this space as soon as you see it. Good luck!

Your dining room is quite lovely, and it will still be that way regardless of what you decide.

Maureen said...

I agree with leaning it on top of the buffet. The mirror is gorgeous and would make a statement however you decide to go!

bj said...

That, my dear, is one awesome mirror...and i would move heaven and earth to make it fit.
I like the idea of hanging it horizontally, adding plant stands on either end of your buffet, put some lovely ferns on them and that would add your length, I think.

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