Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How to Transfer Text to Fabric for Embroidery

I hope you all enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend.  What a crazy weather weekend it was.  Friday and Saturday were freezing and raining here in New York.  In fact, upstate New York actually got snow!!  Sunday warmed up just a little bit and Monday was the nicest of the weekend.  With such huge swings in temperature, I guess it's no wonder that I woke up with a nasty cold yesterday.  Ugh.  

Since I wasn't feeling so well last night, and since the Bachelorette was on ('s a guilty pleasure of mine and mindless enough that I can do two things at once), I thought it was a good night for some embroidery.  I have been wanting to do something with this phrase I saw on Pinterest.  I printed out the saying in a font I liked and then wanted to transfer it to embroidery fabric.
The embroidery fabric and hoop were sent to me courtesy of Wholeport, an online crafting supply store.  The embroidery fabric is a pale blue and has some sparkle to it.  I took the paper with the phrase printed out on it and held it behind the fabric.  Then I held it up to the window (it was sunny and bright outside) and traced over it using a pencil.  I know...a very sophisticated way of transferring...but it works well and easily.    :)
Then I started to embroider.  I used a navy embroidery thread for the small words and pink for Love Story.  I was finished embroidering before the season premiere of the Bachelorette was over.  It's far from perfect, but that's what I like about it.   For me to create perfection, I have to use my embroidery sewing machine.  My plan is to turn this into a pillow.  
Stop back later this week to see what I have done with it.  

Does anyone else embroider?  What have you created lately?

The party opens at 8pm EST.  Hope to see you then.


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Unknown said...

Super cute!! When I do it, I use carbon paper. Works really well too. Thanks for sharing and the quote is great :-)

sweet violets said...

I love to embroider, have since I was a child and learned at my mother's knee!!! I still use her old hoop made of bird's eye maple. Talk about hoarding!!!

Love your design, and I also use carbon paper and trace over the has become a lost young people are interested anymore.....

Am currently working on a pair of dish towels, also work while watching tv in the evening.....

jlopez3211 said...

Im a "young people" and im very much interested!! I wish i knew someone who knew how!

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