Thursday, August 8, 2013

My Favorite Lighting - A Chandelier

In looking around my house this weekend, I realized, I really have a thing for chandeliers.  Not that it came as a shock to me.  I absolutely love chandeliers.   A chandelier can completely change the look of a room.  For years the only place I had a chandelier was in the dining room.  I don't know exactly when it happened, but somewhere along the way I started adding chandeliers to many of the rooms in my home. Each chandelier is completely perfect for the room it was chosen for.  This little beauty is in my daughter's bathroom is one of my favorites, and cost very little.  It was less than $100 from Home Depot but the impact it makes in the room is priceless.

Below is the Schonbek chandelier we have in my daughter's bedroom.  When I saw this in the lighting store I knew it would be perfect.  My father and husband added the electrical box to the ceiling so that she could have a chandelier.
Here is the perfect solution to my fan issue in my master bedroom.  A fan with a chandelier attachment.  I found this at Lamps Plus, an online lighting store.  How clever.

This chandelier is between my master bedroom and my master bathroom.  My husband had a business trip to Prague.  I knew that they were know for crystal.  I asked him to bring me back a small chandelier. I didn't give him any other guidance other than I wanted it to be beautiful (no pressure there...right?).  He rose to the occasion and brought back this gorgeous chandelier.  One little problem...when we opened the box the chandelier was not put together at all and there were no real instructions...the only piece of paper in the box was in another language with a picture showing the crystal placement.  Luckily my husband is very handy and together we were able to figure it out.  But there was one more issue...the canopy (the silver part you see at the ceiling) on a european fixture is smaller than one from the United States.  The silver canopy didn't cover the hole in the ceiling.  Therefore we had to buy a ceiling medallion to cover up the existing hole in the ceiling from the American fixture than used to hang there.  It was so worth the extra time it took to deal with those problems in order for me to have this stunning fixture hang in my home.

This is my latest chandelier.  When we bought our home we picked a very basic ceiling fixture.  We lived with that fixture for ten years.  The biggest issue was that we could never clean the fixture as it was not on a light lift.  That was the main reason for delaying buying a new one.  I wasn't going to invest in a chandelier that I couldn't clean.  When we found out we could have a light lift retrofitted into our home, we began our hunt for the perfect chandelier.  For me the best choice was this gorgeous chandelier from ABC Crystal.  It changed the whole look of the house.  You can check out here how I decorated this area above the front door in my two-story entryway.  

Ironically, my chandelier in my dining room does not have any crystal.  My dining room has more of a french country feel to it.  I still love this chandelier (even without any crystal).

 This chandelier is over our kitchen table.  The kitchen has an English/French country feel to it.
I love the uniqueness of this chandelier.  It is over our kitchen island.  I get more emails on this chandelier than anything else in my home.   It is also from ABC Crystal.
Last but not least is my powder room chandelier.  The perfect lighting for that room.
Although I'm running out of places to put a chandelier, I am also sure this won't be my last chandelier.  Do you love chandeliers too?  Let me know what you think.  I love and appreciate comments.



Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

All of your chandeliers are stunning, but like everyone else, my favorite is the one over your kitchen island. Love it. Hugs, marty

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I love chandeliers, too, Judy! That one in your foyer is stunning! I wish I could put more chandeliers in here. But I think my husband would move out! : ) I got my little one in my craft/sewing room and the one attached to the ceiling fan in our living room {I also got mine from Lamps Plus!}. I've got a tiny chandelier type light in our master closet. I'd love to figure out how to put one in our kitchen, with the vaulted ceilings. Our dining room one doesn't have crystals either, although I would love one that did.

Cecilia said...

Judy, those are beautiful. I love chandeliers but only have one. Hard to convince the hubs. But I just enjoy looking at other people's .

ANNE said...

Oh Judy those are all FABULOUS! Love them all.

I so need to find one for my bedroom.

Thanks for all the inspiration :)

WINNTINN said...

My daughter(personal shoper) is going to Prague..where is the chandelier store? thanks!
Just love chandeliers --after watching Dallas etc... and the spin-off with the Carringtons I think all the rooms had chandeliers even the nursery!

Cynthia said...

Thanks you Judy for sharing all these beauties with us. I am a huge fan of chandeliers too. I had them everywhere in the home we just sold. Pop over and see what is new at Cloches and Lavender. I would for you to follow my blog and follow us on our journey.


Unknown said...

I am obsessed with Chandeliers. I currently have six in my house and plan on installing a 7th this evening! I just wish my ceilings were taller so I could install one in the kitchen and hallway without people knowing their head on it!

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