Monday, June 30, 2014

The Right Rug Pad Makes all the Difference

Buying an oriental rug is an investment and using a rug pad is a great way to protect that investment.  It definitely prolongs the life of the rug, as well as keeps the rug from slipping all over the place and buckling.  However, not all rug pads are created equal.  In fact, you have to be careful what type of rug pad you buy.  Many are made in foreign countries and when you open them up they have a terrible odor from the chemicals used to produce them.  Others are made of synthetic latex which is okay in the short term, but tends to break apart and crumble after a few years.  Not what I want in a rug pad.

The rug pad I am using under the oriental rug in my family room is from Rug Pad USA.  I received the premium lock felt and rubber rug pad, which has 1/4" of felt with a natural rubber backing.   I have been looking for a rug pad for a while, but our local big box stores only carry rug pads which were no where near this quality.  

The rug pad shipped out quickly and arrived at my side door ready to be unrolled.  I love when I get something I order online so quickly!!  I'm all about instant gratification.

Once I unrolled the pad, I was amazed at how thick and cushiony it is.  It is 1/4" of felt on one side and natural rubber on the side that lays on the floor.  The felt layer adds a serious amount of comfort to the rug pad, as well as protects and extends the life of my area rug.  The natural rubber keeps the rug from slipping and buckling as hand-tied oriental rugs tend to do.  I can't get over how much better our oriental rug feels when I walk on it now.  I didn't expect such a huge difference.  In fact, this past weekend we had a few people over and I had each of them walk on the rug and they all were impressed at how awesome the rug feels.  It also makes a major difference in how the rug looks and feels.  The rug looks significantly more substantial because the rug pad is so substantial.  
I was able to do the entire project myself.  I moved all of the furniture off of the rug and then rolled up the rug, added the pad underneath, and rolled the rug back out.  It literally took me less than five minutes.  

RugPadUSA  has many rug pads to choose from depending on your specific needs and budget.  They also offer free shipping which always makes me a fan of a website.  I am so happy with my new rug pad.  


Disclosure - Although I received a rug rug from RugPadUSA, the opinions expressed are completely my own.  


Unknown said...

WOW! Your home is soooo spectacular. I am sad I couldn't see it in person last year when you hosted your soiree. You are soo talented, I admire your design aesthetic - so west coast and so relaxed. Love that its timeless and classic too! Gorgeous!

Jan Hermann said...

Looks lovely! I love that rug pad - it's the only one I use. I have one rug (round)on wood floor and one rug (rectangular) on carpeting...and that pad works wonders!

Jane@Bluebird1959 said...

Thanks for the tip on rug pads - the ones I have seen at retail around here are really junky. I agree, the right pad can make a huge difference. And as always, love your beautiful rug. Jane

MDmomof3 said...

Is there a way to know if the rubber backing is going to have a chemical reaction with a wood floor? I have discoloration on my vinyl flooring where I've had area rugs (not fading-no sunlight there) and would hate if something similar happened on wood flooring. The fact that yours is natural rubber makes me wonder if that's what I should look for?

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