Monday, August 11, 2014

A Blog Tour

I was invited to participate in a blog tour and want to say a big thank you to Rhonda from Restored Treasures Too for the invite.  
Here's a look at her beautiful home and blog:

I love how she created visual interest in the ceiling with baskets and faux beams.
I love her master bedroom as well.

She mixes furniture and flea market finds beautifully.

I love her rustic, farmhouse style and how she mixes traditional elements with old barn house type furniture.  It creates a beautiful effect.

Be sure to stop by Restored Treasures Too to check out more of her beautiful home. 

I was asked to answer four questions:

1.  What are you working on right now?  Right now I am taking some time to enjoy the summer and the home we have worked so hard to create.  So often I jump from project to project and never actually sit back and enjoy the things we have created.  

We enjoy the outdoor space we have put together...
...especially the pizza oven and outdoor kitchen have gotten plenty of use this summer.

Come fall my plan is to work on indoor spaces including a makeover to our foyer staircase.  

2.  How does my work differ from others in this genre?  I think my style of decorating would be defined as traditional, however the way it differs from others is so much of what is in my home I have personally created.  I self-taught myself to sew and crochet and enjoy crafting very much.  I am not afraid of a challenge and have even reupholstered several pieces of furniture on my own.  

I sewed these drapes in my guest room and reupholstered a chair I found on Craigslist. 

3.  Why do I write/create who I do? I started this blog because my kids were in a tennis academy that was a 40 minute drive each way.  They played three hours a night and it was too far to come home and I didn't want to go and shop each night and so a blog was born.  Blogging was an easy transition, because I was already doing all of these I just was writing about it.  This past year they moved to an academy that is a ten minute drive away and blogging has become more difficult now that I am not "stuck" somewhere for three hours a night.

4.  How does my creating process work?  I find inspiration everywhere.  I still love thumbing through magazines, but also love Pinterest and Houzz.  I think the best inspiration comes from fellow bloggers.  They tend to give lots of details when they do a project which helps when you try to recreate it.  I have always been creative.  I grew up in a neighborhood where no one went to camp.  Instead we created our own fun with other kids on the street day in and day out during the summer.  At ten years old I built a club house using wood (and an entire box of nails) and a metal pool liner someone was throwing away as the roof.  Wow was it hot in that club house with a metal roof.  

Hope you enjoyed learning a little more about me.




Rhonda said...

Thanks for your kind words about my blog Judy, and thank you for participating in the blog tour! I always love checking in to your blog to see what you're working on, love your back yard living space!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

It was nice to see this post, Judy. I've missed seeing your posts (besides the linky party one) and finding out what you've been up to. : ) I hope you are enjoying your summer and I'm glad you are enjoying all the projects you've worked so hard to do, especially the outdoor ones right now.

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Great post, nice to see your beautiful back yard and it does look like the perfect place to spend the summer. So glad you are enjoying it all.

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