Thursday, February 8, 2018

Moving in Together - A Guest Post

I'd like to welcome Ashley with a guest post I think you will all enjoy:

Moving in Together? 
About Home Decorating & Renovation
Maybe you just got married or you’re just about to, and your two separate lives (and residences) are about to become one. There is a big difference between visiting his/her place and living in “our” place. It will pay to think ahead and consider how moving in together will affect your home decorating and renovation plans.
When we’re talking about home renovation, that can mean a wide variety of changes. And the total project’s extent will vary too. It can be a light facelift, a total overhaul, or anything in between. 
But regardless of how far you want to go, we believe you will find these 10 home decorating tips (5 Dos, 5 Don’ts) for new couples just moving in together to be truly helpful.

1. Do sign up for an online wedding registry.

Find a registry that goes “beyond” thordinary. Mark favorite products, set up a honeymoon and moving-in cash fund, and opt for a registry that makes making returns as easy as wedding cake. (And don’t buy anything that you might get as a wedding gift until you know for sure!). If you are searching for the perfect wedding gift registry, you should check out Blueprint Registry - Bed, Bath And Beyond.

2. Do invest in enhancing indoor lighting.

You can almost never have too much light in a room. Almost, that is. Buy as many lamps as you like, install new, stylish lighting fixtures (LED will save you energy!), put in more and bigger windows, and install a skylight. You both will enjoy the light, be healthier for it, and more natural light will lower your energy bill and help you stay on track with your “circadian rhythms” (that is, get a better night’s sleep.)

3. Do buy newer, better appliances.

Neither of you two will object to a more luxurious fridge, a more efficient stove/oven, a high-end washer and dryer, or a “non-manual” dishwashing machine to help around the kitchen. If you ever resell, they will only add to the selling price, and you will greatly enhance your “convenience and comfort” level in the meantime. Oh, and let’s not forget about coffee machine! You know what they say - life is too short to drink bad coffee. If you are a coffee lover, you’d find this best coffee beans bucket list from Home Grounds really useful. 

4. Be bold, daring, and vibrant with colors.

Add color to your house, and you add color to your life. Why not not go with that deep “sunny” yellow kitchen wall and those countertops done in a glossy red. You only live once, and you want your new home to be as unique and inviting as possible. Combining paints, wallpapers, carpeting, furnishings, and other decor to create a room that makes the kind of bold statement you want to make will make you feel at home, with a home decorating scheme that fits and expresses both his and her personality.

5. Do upgrade your outdoor spaces.

Everyone loves a wood deck, a natural stone patio, or an outdoor kitchen and barbecue. No one will have any problem with a nice new fence, improved landscaping, or an in ground pool. These kinds of upgrades to your lot add value to your home, increase your “usable living space,” and give you and your partner a peaceful, private place in your own backyard to relax and enjoy the fresh air.

6. Don’t throw out his/her stuff without permission.

Too often, upon moving in together, a couple gets into a fight over what stays and what goes. You both have to learn to live together, and that means conversation and sometimes compromise, but if one or the other person resorts to the “brute force” of the trash can, resentments may fester.
In terms of decorating and renovating, this means finding a way to fit in his/her favorite chair or those heirloom items from grandma or grandpa into your new ambiance.

7. Don’t ignore all the latest remodeling trends.

With a brand new place to live together, and maybe a brand new marriage, you don’t want to fall behind the times on your interior decorating. You may wish to preserve some timeless, classic elements in the “scenery,” and you definitely want to express your unique tastes and personalities. But there are numerous trends that can add beauty, vibrancy, or comfort to your new home, so learn what they are so you can select the ones that work best for you (two).

8. Don’t undervalue open designs.

Spaciousness is more than a trend; open designs are here to stay. You may want to tear down a few unnecessary walls to open things up and allow things to “flow” from room to room. There are situations where putting up new walls may be beneficial to create a new bedroom or bathroom, but think carefully about finding ways to “maximize spaciousness.”

9. Don’t forget to integrate rooms with their contents.

 When you repaint, put up wallpaper, install a new color of carpeting, or install new wood cabinetry, all of these kinds of renovations create a context in which you place your furniture, curtains, drapes, and in which you use your china. To do a true full home or full room renovation, think through how the room’s movable contents will complement its more permanent decor. 

10. Don’t begin major remodeling without a budget.

When undertaking a major remodeling project, you can’t afford to be “budget-less.” For smaller projects, you might get by with a bare, rudimentary budget, but you’ll want to get a detailed estimate before undertaking an extensive renovation. You want to finish your project and see your full vision come to life, not run out of money only halfway through. That will take planning and financial creativity, but it can be and often has been done before.


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