Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow Update and Pillow Talk - repost

Here in New York we got hit with a huge snow storm.  Here are a couple of pictures to show just how much snow we have gotten so far.

Look at the pizza oven and grill!!

Look at the before and after of the wall and fire pit.  That's a lot of snow!!

This is a post from the very first week of my blog.  I thought it would be nice to re-post it now.

When I think of my daughter at three years old, I picture her wearing her favorite Gymboree sweater.  The colors of the sweater were her favorite colors at that time, which coincidently... or not, are the same colors as her room.  I love pillows and got to thinking that I could make her favorite sweater into a pillow for her bed.
It was much easier than you would think.  I used a sewing machine, but you could easily hand sew the pillow.  I didn't want to cut the sweater so instead I pulled the sleeves inside the sweater which left me with a square.  I then buttoned up the sweater and turned the sweater inside out.  I simply sewed the neck, the two arm holes and the bottom.  I unbuttoned the sweater and turned it back to the right side.  I inserted a pillow form and buttoned up the sweater.  In putting in the pillow form I "hid" the arms behind the pillow form.
Since the sweater was a size 3, it worked very well as it was the same dimensions as a small pillow form.  But why stop at my daughter's room.  My son also had a favorite shirt.
His "Miners" jersey worked well too.  I didn't have those handy buttons, so instead I came up with a different solution.  First I started the same way by pulling the sleeve inside the shirt (again I didn't want to damage the shirt by cutting off the sleeves).  I then turned the shirt inside out.  This shirt had a v-neck that I had to deal with.  I was able to cover the v-neck by using the sleeves and hand sewing the "wrist" sections together.
I then hand sewed the sleeves to the back of the neck.  I decided velcro would be the best way to close this pillow.  So, I turned the shirt back to the right side, left about an inch on the bottom of each side for the velcro.  I bought the sticky velcro so that there was no sewing involved at all.

Both pillows were easy and took less than a half hour each to complete.

 If you don't want to use a sweater, you could also use a sweatshirt or team jersey to create the same look.  I hope you try this at home.  Please send me photos of your pillows.  I would love to post them.



Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Wow, that's a lot of snow. Your pillows look wonderful and what a great idea for preserving them. Stay in and stay warm and safe. Hugs, Marty

Melissa N. said...

Judy, where in NY are you? We are in Orange County and got about 18 inches it!

Roberta said...

What a great idea !! I like your beautiful pictures. I live near Garda lake and I've never seen so much snow.
Have a nice time !!

GwendolynKay said...

What a great idea to use old sweaters for pillows. I love the chandy in your kitchen header!
Christmas Blessings!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea. I do a pillow of the week post or I try and get it done weekly. I've fallen off the wagon over the holidays. The pillows I feature are retail but yours would be a fun lead in. I will be coming back to this. So glad you shared it with me on Motivated Monday at Becolorful

Brassy Apple said...

These are great! thanks for stopping by my sweater pillow post! :)

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