Thursday, June 30, 2011

Guest Post-Sugar and Spice in the Land of Balls and Sticks

Hi, everyone!  I'm so excited to be guest posting for Judy today.  DIY by Design was one of the very first blogs in my blog reader, and I'm still pinching myself that she asked me to guest post for her while she's taking some time off.  I'm a wife to an awesome, supportive husband and mom to 2 active boys.  I blog about cooking, baking, sewing, crafts, and DIY.  Today I'm sharing personalized camp chairs.
Ignore the raggedy garden, a hailstorm just shredded our poor hostas.

If you have active kids, you have camp chairs.  They're great not just for camping, but also for the sidelines of endless practices and games of football, soccer, lacrosse, the list goes on and on.  Their portability makes them fantastic for trekking to fields that are located nowhere near the parking lots, but if you're like me you'll spend more time roaming the sideline screaming than you will parked in your chair.  This leads to confusion come pack up time.  Hmmm...which chair was mine, or did I park it in the shade?
This was at one of Whirling Dervish's lacrosse tournaments last year.

I was at JoAnn's looking for some fabric the other day, when I wandered into the craft area and found these fun iron-on transfers.

The Me & My Peeps line of transfers have every imaginable hobby covered.  I thought the fishing one was perfect for Computer Genius since it's his favorite down time activity, and shopping bags and giant sunglasses - Hello, Come to Mama!  They also have yoga, power tools, soccer, basketball, cheer, hockey, etc.  You could make your own transfers with a Silhouette machine, but at $1.29 apiece, these are a great deal.  I laid out each transfer where I wanted them(slightly off center so that I could write Mom & Dad on the chairs.)

I covered the transfer with parchment.  This isn't really a necessary step for the transfer to work, but it's a good idea if you don't have a teflon iron, just in case you have some goo on your iron that you don't want to transfer.

Most camp chairs are made from canvas, so a hot iron should be fine, but test your fabric somewhere inconspicuous like the underside of the seat.  Press for a minute or so.

Peel back the transfer.  If it hasn't completely transfered, lay it back down and press again.

I then grabbed some puffy paint from the craft room to write our names.  I went with Mom and Dad vs our actual names, because we also use these camping, and it made more sense for family chairs.

I freehanded the lettering, but you could write with some eraseable marker and then go over it with the puffy paint if you're unsure of the spacing.  After first writing Mom in black, I went back and put highlights on the lettering with glow-in-the-dark orange.  I thought it'd be nice around the campfire knowing which chair held my beer in it's cupholder.
Easy personalized chairs.  Thanks for creating with me and a big thanks to Judy for inviting me over today.


Carrie @ Dittle Dattle said...

Great solution to the "Whose chair is this" problem!

Debbiedoos said...

So cute Marcia~!Great guest post.

Patti @ Pandoras Box said...

Cute and clever idea!

Anonymous said...

Nothing like getting lost in a sea of folding chairs! Nice job, girl!! :)

Susan Anderson said...

VERY cute.


Anonymous said...

WOw!! i love this idea!! i am gonna try this out haha!!
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