Thursday, March 21, 2013

4 Large DIY Projects

I'd like to welcome Anna Hicks who has written an article especially for DIYbyDesign.

Got nothing to do over the weekend? Why not embark on some DIY projects? 
These will make very good use of your time.
There are so many DIY project ideas out there, but here are 4 DIY projects you can do over the next 2 days.
Build a bookcase

Books and magazines can add more clutter to a house. If your house is slowly turning into something that producers of the show Hoarders would videotape, then it’s time to clean up and free up some space in your home. 
It doesn’t mean you have to start throwing things away. Think organization. Books are valuable. They’re source of knowledge, so getting rid of them is unacceptable. What you can do is build a bookcase.
No, it doesn’t require a master carpenter and fancy tools to have one. All you need is time, a few tools, and a lot of patience.
First, identify where in your house you want it installed. The most obvious places are the living room or den. So pick a side of the wall where it’ll fit. Grab a tape measure and write down how big the bookcase will be.
Head on to the local hardware and buy wood and other supplies like nails and wood glue. You’ll need plywood and a few pieces of lumber. Save yourself a lot of trouble by asking the guys there to cut everything so all you need to do is assemble them at home.
Before you start putting the pieces of wood together, lay them on the floor so you’ll have an idea where each one goes. Glue the edges and attach them to each other. Then nail them together. Start with the frame, bottom and top sides, then the attach the plywood at the back. Put the shelves last.
Apply finishing touches and you’re done.

Make a fire pit in your backyard 

Wouldn’t it be great to have a fire pit in your backyard? Your friends will definitely be excited to come over every night.
It’s not very difficult to build a fire pit. First thing you need to do is measure the spot where the fire pit is to be installed. Lay out the bricks or stones and mark the area using a measuring tape. Then dig a hole, probably 12 inches deep, put sand in the bottom, and then start layering and cementing the stones. 
The wall of the pit should be 12 inches above the ground. And don't forget that the spot for the pit should be far enough from anything that can easily catch fire. You certainly don't want to burn down your house, do you?
It shouldn't take you a whole day to create a fire pit in your backyard, so get started right now.

Create a home office
This will take more effort and time but a home office is a wonderful DIY project to tackle. If you already have an empty room in your house, then it's going to be a lot easier. Start with a design. Put pencil to paper and decide just what you want your home office to look like. You don't have to be Van Gogh's descendant to do this. Just a simple layout of how everything's going to look.
You don't need to buy tables and cabinets. Just make them from scratch. If you've read the instructions on how to make a bookcase, then all you need to do now is your desk because the bookcase can serve as the cabinet.
Making a table is easy. Creating the frame is similar to the bookcase. The only thing you need to do differently is add a surface on both right and left sides. Apply varnish or paint and that's it. 

Add lighting to your home office/room
This should come after building your home office. It's easier to work when the room is well-lit. For a more creative look, buy cool-looking vases. Drill holes at the bottom and install the wiring. Then attach the bulbs and hang it on the ceiling.
You can create metal fixtures where you can attach the bulbs if you want a sleeker look. 
These DIY projects are awesome. The best thing about them is they're simple and can make a huge difference in how your home looks. Remember, though, to ensure that everything is well-made and safe. One way to make sure you don't experience problems with fixtures and equipment is get everything has warranty.

Warranties can save you a lot of headaches with some home furnishings break or need repairs. Check out to learn more about warranties for things live your oven or even your water heater! 

Thanks Anna.


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