Friday, March 8, 2013

Spice Up Your Décor To Create A Luxurious Atmosphere

I'd like to welcome Lisa Steele who has written an article especially for DIYbyDesign.  Enjoy!

Everyone needs a home. We need that special place to run away to, to escape from the storms, to find comfort and solace. It is a theme we have seen in literature since time immemorial and that has been written on our own hearts almost since birth. Whether it is the home you grew up in or the one you built for yourself later in life, you probably feel a special connection to wherever it is that you call “home.” 

But that doesn’t mean that your home décor does not occasionally need some spicing up. Keeping your home fresh and fun makes it feel more luxurious and comforting. When was the last time you spiced up your interior design? Even if you do not have a lot of money to spend, you can still make your home feel “spicier.” Below are some ways that you can get started spicing up your décor to create a luxurious atmosphere.

Tip #1 – Repurpose old seats.
There are a lot of ways you can take an old seat and make it into something new. A lot depends on the condition of the seat. Is it still usable as a chair? If not, then you can find other uses for the materials. If it does still work as a chair, then you can simply give it a “facelift.” Wooden chairs, for example, can be painted very easily. If you have a set of four, feel free to do them all in different but coordinating colors.

Tip #2 – Paint the walls.
If you are looking to really make a room look new, the best way to do it is to put a new coat of paint on the wall. Sure you can do the same color you have at the moment, but why not spice it up and pick out a new color? You can hire professionals to do the painting, or you can do it yourself. All it takes is some time and physical energy! Make sure you test small swatches and look at them in different lights at different points in the day. (Look for eco-friendly paint brands to avoid bringing toxins into your home!)

Tip #3 – Get some new hardware.
Our homes are filled with hardware, and most of it is so boring we don’t even notice it. Doorknobs, drawer pulls, cabinet handles – can you even picture what yours look like or do you need to go check? Updating your hardware is a quick and inexpensive way to bring some character into the rooms of your home. Hooks are another great piece of hardware to spice up!

Tip #4 – Clean up.
This should probably go without saying, but just incase it doesn’t, every homeowner and renter should know that a messy home is never going to feel like a luxurious one. Clear away all the cobwebs and the clutter, clean the windows, and vacuum the carpet. Make sure you keep your home clean if you want it to really be an oasis of comfort.

Tip #5 – Try some feng shui.
Feng shui is the art of arranging furniture and other décor in ways meant to promote the free flow of positive energy. It looks to combine the natural elements of wood, earth, water, fire, and metal. Incorporate these materials into your décor. Add some plants to the room – they will not only look nice they will also clear toxins from the air. Mirrors are also a good decorating material because they reflect light into the rooms’ shady areas.

Tip #6 – Go green.
One important thing to keep in mind, no matter how you decide to update your home décor, is that you do it with the environment in mind. Choose products made with natural elements and no chemicals. Even better, get furniture made with recycled materials. There is no need to sacrifice quality when shopping eco-friendly, either.

About the author: Lisa Steele’s extensive experience stems from years covering the home and garden industry as a freelance writer and small business owner. When she’s not writing poignant articles, you can find her covering Seats and Stools.

Thanks Lisa.  Have a great weekend.



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