Saturday, October 2, 2010

My very first post

Hi, I'm Judy.  Welcome to my blog!  I hope you enjoy following me through my many adventures in decorating.  I thought a good place to start was to give you a tour of some of the rooms in my home.  We built our home eleven years ago.  Since then we have decorated and redecorated as our tastes have changed.  Three years ago, we gutted our kitchen and below is the beautiful result:
My updated kitchen (view to the dining room...which is updated in pictures below)

The eating area
The bar area
My dining room
Full view of dining room
Other side of dining room

My daughters bathroom...curtains are from Target embellished with ribbon
My guest room

My sewing table and chair...I will share with you in a future post
how I reupholstered and refinished a very old chair and table
My foyer...will show you the before and afters of the chair in future post
My living room
My daughter's room which is next on my list to update. 
My son's room.  
I  look forward to sharing with you all of my crafting and decorating ideas.  I hope you enjoy and visit my blog often.



Dave K said...

I love your home. I look forward to following your blog!

Vanessa D. said...

Unbelievable. Very talented. Welcome to design blogging.

Anonymous said...

I really love everything that you have done. You have great talent and patience. I wish I had the time and patience to restore old furniture. I had a 1935 vanity table that I had every intention of sanding and re-staining and after 15 years, just got rid of it. :)

I adore your kitchen. We are planning on gutting our kitchen within the next 2 years and I have chosen those same color/style cabinets. Seeing the finshined product, I know we made the right choice.

I'm sorry that your beautiful work will not be fully apprecaited by many on RMS. There are several posters on that site that are mean spirited and jealous. One in particular that insists on trying to make people re-desgn their finshied rooms to please her tastes. It's been an on going battle for awhile. I noticed that some of my comment on your space they had deleted, which is one reason why I wanted to post on your blog since here it won't be censored.

Keep up the great work. It's so nice to have people post their before, during and after pictures. It really helps when looking at my own spaces and trying to figure out what to to with them. KVRLVN

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