Friday, October 29, 2010

My Great Room

My great room is the place my family spends time together watching television, playing games, and just connecting.  It has a much warmer and cozier feel than my more formal living room, which in contrast and sadly, only gets used when someone is playing the piano.
The walls are painted Benjamin Moore Arizona Tan.  The leather buster chair is from Restoration Hardware.  You can see some of my Ethan Allen sale finds including the coffee tabledrum table and green urns on the wall unit.  The room has 25'  ceilings so I wanted to draw the eye up.  That is why I hung the picture above the wall unit.

To the same end, I hung the drapes all at the same height so that the eye continues around the room effortlessly (you can see that they are actually hung higher than the top of the window so that it matched up with the arched windows).  Since I needed so many panels, custom was really out.  Instead I bought these silk, lined and interlined drapes, from my favorite (now out of business) store, Fortunoff.  I have never seen ready made drapes that look as custom as these, especially for what I paid, which was around $50/panel (on sale) for 96" length.

The mantle was constructed a year or two ago.  Before that we had an oak, basic builders, mantle.  The person who did all of my moulding work in the house made this mantle.  I designed exactly what I wanted and he built it.  I think the mantle is gorgeous.  I need to work on what I have on the mantle.  Not doing it justice.  The sconces are still one of my favorite pieces.  I found those when we first moved in at another of my favorite stores, Bombay, also out of business.  You can see through the mirror that the great room is open to the second floor outside of my son's room.  The mirror, also from Fortunoff, draws attention to the high ceilings.  I had that mirror strapped to the roof of my car by the people at Fortunoff when I was 9 months pregnant with my daughter - quite a sight.   My husband and father hung the of the most dangerous projects I think we have ever done.  We only had one ladder with two people hanging off of it - again...quite a sight.  The lamp on the drum table originally had a very contemporary glass shade.  I bought a beautiful linen shade from Pottery Barn and updated the lamp and made a contemporary lamp look more traditional.

Our game table is also from Fortunoff (boy do I miss that store).  The sliding door goes out to our soon to be new patio.  Beautiful view.

Our great room opens directly into the kitchen and you can see through all the way to the living room and front door.
We come full circle to the other side of the room where the antique chest of drawers I refinished stands.  As you remember when I took this piece from my grandmother-in-law's home after she passed away it was in terrible shape.  Check out how I refinished this piece here.

Please comment.  I would love to know what you think.  Enjoy Halloween everyone!!

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Erin said...

You have a beautiful home Judy!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Beautiful. I love the vaulted ceiling and gorgeous architecture of your room. Beautiful furnishings and lovely accessories. So warm and welcoming. Hugs, Marty

Vanessa said...

Judy! Every time I see more of your gorgeous I just am so glad that I found you here in blogland! I love that are also giving some really great decorating tips in your posts too. I also hang my drapes higher than my window to make the room appear larger and your painting about the entertainment center totally emphasizes the height of that space. I love your game table too!

Restoration House said...
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Heatherquas said...

Hi Judy,
We have almost identical couches and I'm really struggling with a rug to put down. Any tips? I'm afraid that any patterned rug will compete with the couch and be too busy, but a solid colored rug doesn't excite me at all.
I'd appreciate any pointers-you have great taste!

DIYbyDesign said...


In my great room we actually had the rug first. When we first moved in we went to ABC Carpet in New York City and bought a hand made rug. The rug is a patterned rug (as you can kind of see in the second picture above). When we needed a new sofa I fell in love with the floral chenille fabric. I don't think it competes with the pattern in the rug at all. It's more important that you pick a rug you love in the right colors. If a solid rug doesn't excite you...don't get it. Get what you love. Believe it or not, Home Goods has beautiful rugs at really affordable prices. You may want to check there. As a side note, when my couch goes, I will replace it with a solid colored couch. Not because of the rug, but because with a solid couch you can update the look each year with new throw pillows. You are more limited with a patterned couch. Hope this helps.


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