Monday, November 1, 2010


Wallpaper is back in a very big way.  I have always loved wallpaper.  Wallpaper can completely transform a room.  However, there is more of a commitment with wallpaper than with paint.  It's not as easy to change and if you have ever tried to hang wallpaper yourself...well let's just say... it could be one of the leading causes of divorce.
But that hasn't stopped me from using wallpaper here and there in my home.  This was the wallpaper in my powder room that I put up over ten years ago.  At the time I absolutely loved this paper...key words being "at the time".  That's the thing with wallpaper.  You can grow tired of it or it can go out of style if you go too trendy.

This is that same powder room now.  I went with a traditional damask that I hopefully won't tire of.

Here are some photos that have me longing to wallpaper another room:
Image from HGTV
How gorgeous is this wallpaper.  I have a thing for blue right now and this  paper is just stunning.

Image from best home gallery
Or how about the impact this paper makes.  Beautiful for a tween or teen girl's room.

Image from Traditional Home

Image from Traditional Home
What an impact wallpaper has on this foyer.  Makes it very formal.

Image from Sarah Richardson
Here's a couple photos from one of my favorite designers...Sarah Richardon.

Image from Sarah Richardson
Subtle wallpaper has a quite an impact.

After looking at all of these beautiful photos, I am inspired to wallpaper.   I am seriously considering wallpapering the wall behind the bed in our master bedroom with a paper I saw in an Ethan Allen mailer.

Image from Ethan Allen catalog

What do you think?   Where do you stand on wallpaper?  Do you love it, hate it, or just feel so so.  I'd love to know.

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Erin said...

Lovely pics Judy, but the change in your own bathroom is the best!

Modern Country Lady said...

Hey Judy, love the 3rd picture of the room with the blue wall paper- but you could easily do up a room and make it look like that yourself by cutting a stencil with that design and stencilling the room and save the expense !!!!!Just a thought !!!

Vanessa said...

Well, I happen to be a Wallpaper gal when it is done in the right way. I like it in small doses like in your powder room and in mine! I think picking a classic style can really make a big impact and it just adds a warmth that paint cannot. Good post!

Becky@OrganizingMadeFun said...

I like your wallpaper, but I don't plan to use any in my home in the near future. I've ripped out too much wallpaper around here to damage me for life...

Nancy @ Wrapped In Love said...

Judy, You are making me love wallpaper again! :) Love your daughters room!

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