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Cottage Furniture: The Perfect Easy Summer Décor

Cottage furniture is such a great expression of summer and it is a great design aspect to use in your home all year, especially if you want to achieve a summer cottage look all year.  When you have cottage furniture, you are already on your way to celebrating the season of the endless sun in your home; we are here to help you with some extra summer décor accents to help you finish off the best summer cottage furniture looks.
Cottage furniture is a lovely accent to any room and is a great way to bring the beautiful colors of the beach indoors. Any room of the home can look great with cottage furniture and a beach theme. The themes can even be switched out for each season representing the different colors and temperatures of the beach during that season. For this article, we are going to concentrate on the warmth and vibrancy of summer.
Below we have a beautiful sitting room with cottage furniture. Notice the open windows letting the light in and the colors of the ocean complimented with a floral rose design. Obtaining a cottage vibe really is just about bringing elements of the outside in and incorporating them into your rooms. Simple and inviting are recurring themes. Easy design elements here include removing or just pulling back window treatments to let the light in. If you do not have beach colors on your furniture, consider covering with new fabrics, repainting in summer colors, or just adding some throw pillows with summer inspired designs and colors.

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The kitchen is a great room to add some cottage style décor in. Painted furniture, using bright “beachy” colors is a great way to incorporate the design elements into your kitchen. The other way is with accents, such as the large shell used as a bowl for displaying fruits, flowers or herbs in your kitchen. It can be on display on a kitchen counter or it makes a wonderful table centerpiece.
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 A second design element is beautifully painted plates that can represent the cottage style in a beautiful and vibrant way. Setting the table with these decorative style elements is a simple and easy way to bring the cottage look to your kitchen.

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Who wouldn’t love to work with this scene below? Many homes on the water carry the ocean and beach scene from the outside to the indoors, as is the case with this office space. Cottage looks often utilize patterns that represent the outdoors like flowers or birds, as with the patterned fabric on this chair. As with the sitting room, pulling back or removing window treatments will let the sun in for the summer. Cover your chair with cottage style fabric will also lend a temporary summer vibe to an office space. Shells and flowers add nice accents to your desk.

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Wicker furniture  is often thought of as just for the patio or outdoors, however it often makes a beautiful, light and airy decoration for any room you are trying to achieve the cottage beach look in. The added cushions adorned with cottage themed fabrics really make for a comfortable place to sit and relax or entertain guests.

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A wonderful and welcoming accent to your bedroom furniture  is a painted breakfast tray that complements the color and style of a cottage home, in addition to adding that warm hint of breakfast in bed. Who doesn’t love to think about having breakfast in bed? Having this décor accent on your bed is a wonderful way to make your family and your guests feel welcome.

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Even though most of the principles for cottage style decorations involve bringing the outside in, that doesn’t mean that the outside does not need a little additional decoration or accents. This DIY drink table is a pleasant addition to any porch or patio. Somehow sitting on the porch and sipping lemonade just go with summer and summer décor like cottage style.

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  I'd like to thank Jennifer Barnum who has written this article especially for DIYbyDesign.



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Such pretty pics... love greens but lately I am really liking blues!!

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Beautiful photos. Makes me wish I was on a beach somewhere - anywhere!


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Whew! The photos are simply breath-taking and lip-smacking! I just feel terrible after looking at those lovely photos and wished to have a makeover right away without further ado. I just feel a bit disappointed and sad. If only I have seen it earlier. Anyway, thanks a lot for the inspiration!

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