Sunday, June 30, 2013

Spruce Up Your Windows

I'd like to welcome Anna Hicks who has written a post especially for DIYbyDesign.  Enjoy!

Before you replace your old windows, determine if that’s what you really need. If your windows are not fogging up or rotting around the edges you probably need a replacement. For other energy efficient windows that are hard to use and peeling paint, get out your home’s colors and a paintbrush. With a few simple touches that are relatively inexpensive, you can create home accents for any room.
All you need for curtains are two curtain hanging hooks, a rod, and the fabric of your choice. Blackout curtains are ideal for regulating the temperature of a room (these types of curtains can lower temperature by several degrees). Not all colors are black, in fact you can find interesting colors like pinks, purples, and reds all over the Internet or at your local retailer.
Try sheer, colored scarves woven around the curtain hanger to add an extra touch of color. Pleated curtains can also help dampen the heat from natural light, which will come in handy for kitchens during summer time.
Vertical Blinds
Home design trends are becoming minimal, where less is more and space is conserved. In this vein, long and vertical blinds can allow plenty of light into your room and can last for years. Install blackout curtains over the blinds, and visit your local craft store for some fine velvet rope that you can use to tie them off as needed. Blinds also come in a range of colors, with fabric and bamboo options that offer greater durability.

Window Boxes
A window box outside your window adds a bit of color looking into your yard. You would need to measure out the length of your window, and find planters that fit that length. You should work with your family to construct the window box, but you can plant flowers like purple penstemons or coreopsis, which will add beautiful purple and yellow colors to your garden, and lively character to boot.
Inside, you can use simple brackets and slats of wood to make planters for an herb garden, or store colored bottles that you collect to give your room a vintage feel.
Paint the Window Frames
One way to spruce up a peeling paint job is to give it a whole new one. The classic black window frames are still in style, but you can experiment with different colors like red or blue too. For city dwellers with exposed brick wall flats, this might be a particularly nice accent.
Adding plants to your room always helps add color and life to the space. Simple plants like ivy are easy to grow and can hang or wrap around things (like shelving) if left to their own devices. Carefully trim and water these plants, but you can grow lots of things indoors if you have good natural lighting in your apartment.
Let in Sunlight
Letting in natural light is the best way to bring out the colors of your home. Hard natural light does add lots of heat, so draw your blinds during the hottest parts of the day, and let in sunlight as the sun begins to go down.

Thanks Anna.

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