Monday, June 24, 2013

Decorating a Front Porch - Guest Post with Little Brags

 Hello to all of you "DIY By Design" readers! My name is Christine and I have a Blog called "LITTLE BRAGS". First of all I want to thank Judy for having me. I have been blogging for only a few month now and this is my first guest post (needless to say I am a bit nervous). I decided to share my Front Porch with you today. It seems to me that this time of year everyone itches to get outdoors to spruce up things. So hopefully I can inspire you a bit. I would be thrilled if you come over for a visit.

Hello Everyone, I've been busy pressure washing my front this weekend. I also hung up a Lantern with rope on my front arch.
Here is the whole picture
I also bought some new outdoor pillows at World Market to freshen things up for the Spring-Summer, here is their link
It's nice to freshen things up
 especially when it's all clean after pressure washing
I also got some new flowers, the spring tulips and daffodils were all done blooming and got put in the dirt for next year

These potatoe/onion baskets are too large for my pantry, so I found a new use for them
        Here is the front door
 Many of you have already seen these old shoe parking crates from a previous post, sorry for the repeat
 And I saved the best picture for is our Newfoundland Bruce taking a snooze with his buddy Bugsy this afternoon....zzzzzzzzzzzz 
 Aren't they adorable?????
 Enjoy the rest of your Sunday Peeps

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Thank you Christine for sharing your beautiful front porch.


Christine at Little Brags said...

Hi Judy, thank you so much again for letting me guest post here with you today. I just posted to my readers about finding me here today. Unfortunately I am having technical difficulties with FEEDBURNER since last weekend, and my readers that are following me through email have not been getting my new posts in their inbox. I am about ready to pull my hair out, I have no idea what is causing that problem. Is there anybody with a BLOG that is computer savy that might be able to look into in for a fee that you can think of? I know some bloggers offer that service?
Thanks again lady
Christine from Little BRags

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your first guest post! Hope you get your feedburner issue fixed. Sorry I'm not savvy, or I would offer to help!

Krista Aasen said...

Isn't Christine's porch fabulous! I think she did a great job... love that little parking spot for boots and shoes!!

Christine at Little Brags said...

THank you Mary and Kristi......muahhh

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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