Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tips and Tricks to Growing Roses

A few years ago I bought my mom a rose bush for Mother's Day.  I remember that I couldn't get to our regular nursery and bought it somewhere else and paid half of what I would normally have spent.  It wasn't even a nursery I bought it at - it might have been Walmart or Home Depot even.  I just remember I was there shopping and thought I better pick something up right now while I have a chance.
Fast forward three is that rose bush today!
What started out as a small rose bush in a little container has turned into hundreds of roses.
Aren't they beautiful?
 Here is another rose bush that is actually older than the one I gave my mom.
 It's not nearly as big, but still gorgeous.
 So I asked my mom for her tips and tricks to growing such big, beautiful roses.

1.  Choose the right roses for your space.  
Clearly we got lucky with the "cheap-o" roses I picked out.  

2.  Plant your roses where they will get at least 6-8 hours of sun each day.
My parents have the roses planted in their front yard where they get full sun most of the day.  The roses are planted in a bed that gets new mulch every year or so.

3.  Water regularly.
This is an important step.  My parents have a sprinkler system that hits these plants daily as well as my parents are vigilant at watering during hotter weather.  

Whatever they are doing, it must be working.  


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Jan Hermann said...

Oh, those roses are beautiful...and they look very similar to the ones I have behind my house. Water and mulch - I swear those are 2 of the most important things for the roses. A 3rd thing you MUST do is snip off the old and dying roses...down to the next set of leaves. That helps the bush grow. I have HUGE Rose Bushes (some 2nd year and some 3rd year bushes) and they are getting gigantic!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

How beautiful, Judy! I have seen some nice ones at one of our supermarkets here. I think I'm going to pick one up because it is the shade of pink I've been wanting. I had several rose bushes at our old house and loved them. Full sun and I used to deadhead the spent blooms. Kept me in roses through to the frost.

At The Picket Fence said...

Those roses are so gorgeous Judy and thanks for the tips! We are finally having success with our roses after a lot of trial and error but I love them so much that it's worth it! :-)

Gina said...

Oh my goodness, those are gorgeous roses!

Unknown said...

Beautiful roses. I had 15 white carpet roses planted in the front of our old house & I miss them so much. When we moved into our new place I had several clearances roses from Home Depot planted…some are thriving beautifully & others are tiny. I'll have to give your tips a try.


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