Tuesday, July 31, 2012

When Bad Things Happen to Good Plants

If you've been reading my blog, you know that my hydrangeas plants in my backyard are one of my favorite things.  They are my absolute favorite plants and this year I have spent a great deal of time and energy really working on them.  I go out early each morning before getting the kids ready for camp and water them and take care of them.  They really have flourished this year.
I have had so many gorgeous flowers on these bushes.
I have thoroughly enjoyed cutting the flowers each week and arranging them in vases.
This past weekend, the lawn cutting service we use did their mid-season clean up.  It's where they come in and trim back all of the hedges and trees that have started to look overgrown during the season.  Let me start by saying...usually I am home and I am out there pointing out what they can cut and what they can't cut.  At first glance when I got home from my daughter's tournament, the backyard looked beautiful all neat and manicured.  Then I went outside to get a better look.
This is what they did to my gorgeous hydrangeas!!!   
This is what they did to my gorgeous roses!!!

I literally cried.  Then I wrote an email to the lawn service...then I cried some more.

I know there are so many other terrible things in the world and that this is probably low on the scale of things to be upset about, but I doubt there will be anymore hydrangeas on these bushes this season.  I'm less sure about the roses.  One thing I am sure of is that I'm so disappointed and downright annoyed.

I did get an apology email from the owner, saying that he now has explained to his "guys" what to cut and not to cut, but that usually I am home to point these things out. Really?  Is he blaming me?

Who cuts flowering bushes??? Midseason???

This was Edward Scissor Hand gone bad!

Okay...I'm done with my ranting and raving.

What do you think the chances of getting flowers back this season are??



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Courtenay@Creek Line House said...

That's ridiculous! They really shouldn't be working in landscaping if they're missing the point by that much. I hope you have a miracle this year and get some new blooms!

Gina said...

OH NO! That is just awful! I would be upset too. I'm fairly confident that you'll get the roses back. Ours always come back after my husband cuts away the faded blooms.
As far as the hydrangeas go, I have no idea. I do not get along with our hydrangeas at all.

Sonny G said...

I would have tracked them down and then.... not sure how far I would have gone in doing them bodily harm. Probably something close to what they did to that hydrangea.. lets clip some of "what they think are their prettiest parts" and see how they like it... know what I mean:)

Anonymous said...

That is one of the reasons why I don't see myself ever getting a lawn care company. At each house we have purchased (we had to move several times for my husband's job) we ended up having the nicest lawn and nicest garden on the street.

Even here, on the street where we are, there are mostly retired people, and just as soon as each homeowner has gotten a lawn care company, don't they shave their grass off too short?! In several cases, it has been right down to the roots! Next thing you know, our neighbors' lawns are going all brown.

Ironically, one lawn care company worker told us once, when I was out in our yard, that we had one of the nicest lawns he has seen! I said really? Because I have been trying to master the dandellions (which I now have, yay!), and he said, oh ya, most of the lawns we work on are all covered with weeds! I thought, duh, it's because you cut the grass too short! Heck, you shave it down to the soil, so that when the sun comes out, it burns the roots but the weeds love not having the competition! I said as much to him, in a relatively joking manner, and he just chuckled.

I'll take care of my own yard/garden, thank you very much, lol!

So hope your beautiful plants come back in all their glory! And, I'm sorry about your plants' misfortune.

Peeters Liliane said...

That is terrible, hydrangeas flowers only on the wood that they made last year. But for your roses those flowers are coming back.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

OMG, Judy! I would have cried, too! Who cuts healthy, flowering bushes in July! You should have told the guy you were surprised they didn't rip out your flowering annuals and perennials just to "clean up". I think I'd be looking for a new lawn service. Maybe the owner will take things a bit more seriously then. That's a crime against nature what they did.

Traci said...

How awful! I really hate when people try to turn their mistakes around on you. So frustrating!

Diapers and Divas said...

RIDICULOUS!!!! I'd be more than irritated. I probably would have cried I too am working on a hydrangea push that I saved from the brink of death. If my landscapers touch it I will scream. And have to point out the same bush every time? That's FLOWERING?? I agree with other commenters that say they shouldn't be in landscaping if they don't know what they are doing. I really hope you get some more blooms!!!

Maria Elena said...

Oh, Judy! I am crying for you! I would be very, very upset also! I can't believe that somebody that is doing this job for a living would be ignorant enough to destroy such a beautiful bush! I hope your flowers come back!

Pamela said...

Oh dear, I do know how you feel. I once had my little Japanese Maples yanked from the ground and burned as the "help" thought they were dead sticks. They had been a gift from someone dear so all the more precious. I did cry over that quite profusely.
The roses may very well rebloom and the hydrangeas could if they are the Endless Summer variety that blooms on new wood but most likely you will not see new blooms until next year.
I don't know about where you live but here it is NOT the time to cut back anything yet at all so it sounds as if the lawn service owners have hired cheap help who do not know any better and thus the owners are responsible no matter what the person on the phone told you. I would back charge him for the 'destruction' of your blooms. Or at least not pay the portion charged for the trimming of the bushes.

Susan Anderson said...


Roses will probably come back. Hydrangeas, not so much.


ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Oh Judy I would be upset too! What were they thinking!!!

Karen said...

Oh Judy that is horrible! The rose will come back, they respond well to being pruned. It looks like they trimmed the hydrangea right under the head, Sometimes that will force the plant to make new flowers.I can't believe the owner tried to turn the mistake on you, I hate that. Thanks so much for the sweet comment and I really hope your hydrangea blooms again for you.

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Oh my...i would have had the very same reaction...first shock then the tears...I cannot believe that they would actually cut blooms....and now is not the time to trim them back...I am so sorry that happened to you!!..Hopefully the lawn service can make it up to you!!

pjds78 said...

I am so very sorry about your flowers. They were so beautiful, and I myself would have so enjoyed going out cutting my beautiful flowers every week to enjoy inside if I could grow them as well as you did. I can't believe he tried to make it your fault. If you have to be there to tell them how to do their job then they need to PAY you teacher fees.
Anyway, I just wanted to tell you I'm sorry that happened to you.

Mrs. Handyverger said...

Oh, Judy, I'm so sorry! I probably would have cried too.

Mrs. Handyverger said...

Also, I think I'd demand some/all of my money back since they ruined your lovely plants. :(

Mrs. Handyverger said...

Oh, Judy, I'm so sorry! I probably would have cried too.

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