Thursday, October 18, 2012

Create a Modern Space

I'd like to welcome Anna Hicks who has written an article especially for DIYbyDesign.

Modern interior design revolves around simplicity, order and strong, clean lines. Orderliness may seem cold to those who prefer cozy to stark, but minimalist style often has a stronger focus than other styles. Focal points are dramatic in a big way, acting as unifying elements that pull the room together.

Color in Modern Design

A successful room redesign must start with a blank slate. Empty the room of all pieces that are not screwed into the walls or floor, then decide on the color palette. Modern designs tend toward cool hues. Neutral colors are easy choices to provide a serene backdrop for the room’s focal elements.

White is a popular choice for walls because the starkness creates a dramatic backdrop. However, white is no longer just plain vanilla; adding tint has created a broad selection of white-based paint. Stick with low-gloss paint, as this finish tends to complement minimalist furnishings better.

Floor and Ceiling Treatment

The ceiling should be fuss-free. This means elaborate molding and cornices are out of style, along with fanciful ceiling tiles. Hard surface floors of natural materials are preferred in modern rooms because they provide a counterpoint to the sleek lines of contemporary furniture. Wood and polished concrete work very well in modern design. Functional accent rugs can be added to warm up the room, add texture, color and focus if needed.

Choosing the Right Furniture

In keeping with the strong, clean line concept, a platform bed is the preferred style in a modern bedroom. It adds height to the room, since this type is typically lower than the traditional bed. Platform beds have simple lines all over. Additional furniture in the right scale can be incorporated, taking care not to overwhelm the room. Choose beddings in solid colors that will call attention 
to this part of the room.

A modern living room will play up the space, with simple, yet comfortable furniture in solid colors. Accessorize with d├ęcor items that contribute to the airy feel of the room. Glass, crystal, wood and other natural materials will enhance the minimalist aesthetic.

Lighting the Room

Lighting is a crucial piece of the design puzzle. Light should add drama in the right spots, while illuminating the functional areas, and serving as accent features. Industrial lighting products fit the bill perfectly. Light fixtures made of glass, steel or chrome rendered in futuristic designs that will highlight the space will create the perfect finish for this redesign project.

Thanks Anna!


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Ciana Langham said...

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