Thursday, October 11, 2012

Picking the Perfect Over-Dyed Rug

I'd like to welcome Sam Moradzadeh who has written an article especially for DIYbyDesign.  Enjoy!

Over-dyed distressed rugs are a beautiful addition to any space.  With their nod towards antiquity balanced with their modern sense of color and craft, versatility is one of their greatest assets.  Most over-dyed rugs are a melding of old and new, created by taking a vintage rug and accelerating the aging process. Through a cycle of dying and washing, colors and textures blend to produce a rug that appears to have absorbed centuries of life and experience. 

The most important component to consider with an over-dyed rug is the quality of the dye.  The vibrancy associated with most antique rugs stems from their remarkable dyes which retain their richness for centuries and an over-dyed rug should reflect that same appearance.  Buying from a reputable rug dealer who knows the history and sources of their rugs is the surest method for purchasing a high quality over-dyed rug.  There are also details in the rug that will tip you off as to the level of craftsmanship associated with each rug.  Before you buy an over-dyed rug, inspect it for:

      Color Bleeding: When dyeing a rug, the colors should blend together subtly and organically. If you notice sharp lines or color blocked sections, this may point to lower quality dyes or an uneven application.

      Muddy Tones: The colors of an over-dyed rug should be clear and dynamic.  Stay away from muddy colors that result from poor color balancing and improper dyeing techniques. 

      Ask for a Dye Test: It’s not uncommon to ask a rug dealer to perform a small dye test before purchasing a rug.  Using a professional cleaning solution, a rug dealer can spot-test the rug to show that the dye does not run off the fibers. 

Caring for Your Over-Dyed Rug
Once you have added your over-dyed rug to your home or office, be sure to safeguard its longevity with proper care. The three important steps to remember are:

      Padding:  Using high quality padding underneath your rug will protect both the floor and the fibers of the rug.
      Rotate:  Simply rotating your rug or even moving it a few inches can change the daily wear patterns and prevent sun damage.  
      Cleaning:  Vacuuming both sides of a rug will help protect it from damaging factors like moths and if your over-dyed rug is in need of a more thorough cleaning, a rug cleaning professional is the best choice.

At Woven Accents, we have a collection of over 4,500 rugs which feature both antique rugs and over-dyed modern rugs. We travel the world to hand-select our rugs and develop connections with the weavers while learning about their skills, techniques, and dyes. Browse through our portfolio for more details and images of our collection of over-dyed rugs.    

Sam Moradzadeh has spent his entire life devoted to traveling the world with his father and finding the best antique rugs for their business in Los Angeles. Sam joined the business after graduating from USC's Marchall School of business and has devoted himself to the partnerships he has created since. With years of experience and a unique sense of design, Sam has combined his father's old world style with his modern aesthetic, attracting a clientele of designers and A-List celebrities alike. Woven Accents is located in the Los Angeles design district and can be found at



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