Friday, February 15, 2013

Painted Ceilings

To paint a ceiling or not to paint a ceiling...that is the question.  Personally, I am a huge fan of painted ceilings.   It is an opportunity to add more color to any space.  

We painted the tray ceiling in our master bedroom a robin's egg blue.

We also painted the ceiling in my office silver sage.

Now with the basement remediation project, I thought it would be a missed opportunity if I just painted the ceiling white.  So yesterday I finalized a ceiling paint color.  Originally I tried Benjamin Moore Lake Placid on the ceiling.  It was way too blue.  Then the painter cut the color by 75%.  Unfortunately sometimes when you cut a paint color it brings out the wrong tone.  It looked very violet on the ceiling.

 So, I went back to square one and started over trying to find a color.

I went back to the paint store to find a new color.  While I was there another customer (Lisa) came over and offered her assistance on finding the perfect color for the ceiling.  Well we started talking and as it turns out, we grew up a block away from each other and know so many of the same people.  We hit it off and talked for over an hour.  We have the same passion for decorating, Ethan Allen and the same color schemes in our home.  She suggested I try Benjamin Moore Patriotic White for the ceiling which has more of a hint of blue.  Since it's the basement and the lighting isn't great, it was the perfect color.

Here is the final color scheme for the basement.

Here are some of the inspiration photos of beautiful rooms with painted ceilings.


So what do you think of painted ceilings?  Are you for them or against them?
Have you painted any of the ceilings in your home?

Have a great weekend.


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Unknown said...

Loving the blue bedroom. I never knew painting the ceilings could have such lovely effects. Thanks for sharing! xo

Unknown said...

I'm planning to paint my daughter's bedroom ceiling pink. Hopefully it will give her the pop of pink she is after without the whole room screaming bubblegum (and I'm a person who loves pink but it can be overpowering). And for the basement, love your colors and carpet.

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

No I havn't painted any of the ceilings, just all plain white. Yours is going to look amazing. Love your color scheme. Hugs, Marty

Traci said...

I LOVE painted ceilings!! When we moved in our house it was 2 years old & all of the ceilings were white. Several of the rooms had beautiful triple crown molding that just didn't show up with the white ceiling. We fixed that! I've never tried a different color ceiling. I've just cut the wall color by 50% & used flat paint & I love the look. My dining room ceiling is still white because I just haven't felt like tackling it. The walls are a burgundy color so I was thinking of going with some sort of cream/beige/tan on the ceiling. Not sure which is another reason I haven't done anything with it.

NanaDiana said...

I have painted ceilings in the past but right now I am in an off-white ceiling mode-or painted the same color as the walls (if it is a light color). I do like it when you have high ceilings. Love your color palette! xo Diana

MTWaggin said...

I am about ready to change color schemes in a number of my rooms (mainly the big living areas) so your blog posts on colors (especially ceilings) is so helpful.

Merlesworld said...

All my bedroom ceilings are plain white but my sitting and dining room ceilings are painted with the designs (they are all plaster moulded ceilings) picked out in different colours but that is hard work, my son did most of it. It is striking to look at and worth the effort as long as I can talk someone else into doing it.

Anonymous said...

Oh my...that painted and stenciled ceiling is gorgeous! Pinned it gonna do that in our new house! can't wait to see yours completed!

Emily @ RemarkableHome said...

I had painted ceilings in my house in Las Vegas. They were a golden yellow and gave a nice cozy feeling to the space. I got tired of them and was going to paint them light blue but then we decided we were moving. I do love the blue ceilings though. Painted ceilings can be fun but they're a pain to repaint due to splatter and gravity and arm fatigue:) I'll probably paint my ceilings when I get my own house again! Thanks for commenting on my blog!!

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