Thursday, May 10, 2012

Seven Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is just around the corner.
If you haven't already gotten something for mom, 
here are some gift ideas to help you out:

1.  Homemade gifts are always appreciated by mom.  This idea comes from the Silhouette blog and is on my Pinterest list of things I want to make.  It's as simple as painting a frame and adding the words by cutting them out of adhesive vinyl with your Silhouette machine.

2.   Moms and Grandmas love photos of their children/grandchildren.  Why not make an unique photo album using playing cards?  I found this on Pinterest.  Unfortunately it wasn't linked back to the original source.  If this is your project please let me know and I will give you proper credit.  

3.  Jewelry is always a safe bet.  I saw these rings on Etsy here.  I love the idea of having an engraved ring with the names of all of the children or grandchildren stamped on it.

4.  Is your mom more of a spa-girl?  How about a gift basket filled with products to pamper her with?

5.  No time to get a gift basket?  How about a gift certificate to her favorite store or spa?
6.  Spring is in the air.  One of my mom's favorite gifts to receive from her kids is a flat of flowers (impatiens are great) for her to plant.  Two of these flats can fill most of the planters in her backyard.  
7.  Books are always a wonderful gift.  How about a few of her favorite books or even better...a Kindle or Nook.  I have a Kindle and my husband has a Nook...I can tell you, they both are awesome.
I hope this has helped you to figure out what to give Mom this year.  
Have a great day.


Gina said...

Thanks for sharing some great ideas! I wouldn't mind receiving any of the ones listed.

NanaDiana said...

Those are all great ideas! I have held out against the Kindle or the Nook though. I'm afraid hubby would want me to give away my REAL books- xo Diana

Jamie Carlston said...

You generally can't go wrong with anything that makes mom feel pampered or in any way "thought of"

pakistan gifts said...

I like these are all ideas about mother day ,thanks for sharing this.

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