Friday, November 5, 2010

Family Room Ideas

There are so many places to get great ideas to decorate our homes.  I have many subscriptions to home decorating magazines that give me lots of inspiration (as I'm sure many of you do too).  The internet is another great place.  But, one of my favorite places to get inspiration, which is a little off the beaten path,  is to tour a model home.  I am a real estate attorney and have had the opportunity to close on many homes in new developments (often in a new development the closing actually takes place in the model home).  Here are some pictures I took of a model home that give such great ideas.

First of all I absolutely love the color scheme - ivory, mocha and robin's egg blue - this may have been where I first fell in love with this color scheme.  How awesome is this two story great room.  I love how the window treatments go all the way up to the two story ceiling.  I also love how the space above the fireplace and the top of the drapes are the same color.  How soft and beautiful.

Hey, doesn't that look like my wall unit in my great room??  Look at all of the areas where the designer has placed art work higher to draw your eye up.
This is a great idea even if you don't have a two story family room.  That's just moulding with two pictures hung inside of it.  Simple but elegant.

How about that for a great idea - framing moulding and painting the coordinating color.  Then hanging art inside of it.
I loved how the color scheme continued into the dining room.  When you continue colors from room to room, your home becomes very cohesive feeling.

There's not as many around as there was a few years ago, but model homes still do exist.  You can tour them and take pictures.  It makes for a fun day.  Let me know what you think.

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Janell @ House of Fifty said...

I love touring model homes, so much so it nearly became a full time job for awhile, leading us to several moves! (searching for the right combo of house and neighborhood!) Now that I've found it, and the economy has lessened the number of model homes, I try to stay away, but I just heard a rumor three new model homes will soon be opening in my neighborhood...oh no!

But seriously, model homes are great! There is really nothing that can compare with being in a space and seeing the colors, textures, finishes, etc. in person to get inspired!

Have a great weekend! (how is that backyard coming along?!)


Vanessa said...

Hi Judy! This family room reminds me a lot of yours. Both beautiful! I especially love the molding above the fireplace. How clever is that?! And totally budget friendly too. Thanks for sharing these great inspirational pics!

Kim said...

Those are some amazing pix. Thanks for sharing. You have a great blog!

Erin said...

It does remind me of your room, and I actually thought you had changed yours, at first! Great ideas, thanks for passing them along!

. said...

I love touring model homes!!! They don't have near as many around here anymore either.

I haven't done that in several you've got me thinking I may make time for some tours soon. :)

I love the curtains in the dining room of this home!

Traci said...

I love it!! It's sooo pretty.

nannykim said...

That would be lots of fun to get ideas from model homes. I love those colors too. Those drapes....yikes....who in the world would make such a large set!! I know they had to be specially made, but what a job!

Anonymous said...


I have a similar family room and I was interested in doing something similar over the fireplace. What are the approximate dimensions of the picture frames? Also I was thinking of putting up family portraits in lieu of art work. My plan was to put a rectangular family portrait below and then two picture frames of the kids over the bottom portrait. Any thoughts?

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