Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Princess Wall Hanging

A few years ago I was trying to find inspiration for my daughter's room.  I searched the internet looking for ideas. I was inspired by a wall hanging I saw which was created by a super talented artist Shelly Kennedy of Drooz Studios.  So I went to Michael's craft store and bought all the supplies I thought I would need.  I bought a roll of canvas (which to this day I still have enough left to make dozens more of these if the mood ever strikes me).  I already had paint.  I was a little concerned about painting the flowers.  I am artistic...but far from an artist.  I decided to change mine up a little by making some of the flowers "real", so I bought artificial flowers, some ribbon, a blank piece of stencil paper, and decided I would buy some "real" jewels as well.

This is the outcome:

This is what it looked like in her room, before it got relegated to behind the door in her new room design:

Here are some up-close pictures of how I achieved the look

First I cut the canvas to the right dimensions (I based the size on the dimensions of the one online).  I painted the entire canvas white.  I cut out a diamond pattern out of a plain piece of stencil.  I then centered the design and stenciled in pink.  I didn't want it so pink, so I added a white wash over he pink.  At the time, the one that was on the Posh Tots website was "Sophie".  I printed out the picture and then enlarged the "S" in the picture on my copy machine until I got it to the perfect size.  I did the same thing with the crown.  Then I just traced around it and painted it in.  I had bought a Donna Dewbury kit somewhere along the way, so I practiced a little and then added the flowers.  The jewels on the crown were put on using a jewel setter I found at Michaels.

I painted on the branch at the top by dipping my paint brush in brown and then dipping both sides of the brush in white.  The flowers on the top of the banner are artificial flowers I hot glued on.  I then added the romatic looking ribbon (instead of me painting it).  I folded the canvas over a wood dowel at the top and hot glued in down.  I then tied ribbon to both sides of the dowel and hung it up. 
As a finishing touch I strung beads on some clear fishing line and made tiny holes in the bottom of each of the points on the banner and tied on my beads

I had so much fun making it.   More importantly my daughter loved how it came out.  Let me know what you think.  I really love and appreciate comments.

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Erin said...

Adorable Judy, and it's terrific that you did it instead of paying too much:)

MiniBinoy said...

Its beautiful Judy! said...

Very sweet. You did a great job on the painting.

Modern Country Lady said...

Looks lovely ! What a creative person you are !! I would say- just as good or better!!:-)

Brenda PInnick said...

Wow, it's so easy to bury your head in the sand. Please give credit to the artist whose work you ripped off. Shame, shame shame on you.
A bunch of bad karma coming your way. I'm sure you'll delete this post as well, just as you have the others who tried to educate you. What a shame.

Sharyn Sowell said...

Be your best self, do the right thing. Surely you want to be a better person than this. We all make mistakes but it takes strength to admit when we're wrong. Copying someone else's work was stealing from her even if it's unintentional. Come clean, apologize, you owe it to yourself and to her. Deleting comments doesn't make it okay.

Jatin Sethi said...

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