Monday, November 22, 2010

An Organized Closet

I love an organized closet.  My husband says sometimes our closets are even more organized than the visible spaces in our home.  I find that when everything has a place and there is a place for everything - all is good and calm in my world.  I love looking at organized closets and getting inspiration from them.

Image from The Container Store

Once a year the Container Store holds their Elfa sale.  It starts December 24th this year.  Each year I wait for the sale so that I can try to organize another closet.  Last year I organized the walk-in closet outside of my bedroom, affectionately known as my shoe closet.  It had been someone of a disaster prior to this.  All of the closets came with basic organizers when we closed.  This closet had one bar that went around the perimeter.  Not really very functional.
After removing the old organizers and patching the walls, the first thing I did was paint my closet a color.  This is such an easy thing to do, but it makes a huge impact.  I used the left over paint from the ceiling in my master bedroom...a Robin's Egg blue.
The Elfa system is really easy to install.  I am always so impressed with the customer service at the Container Store.  Honestly, I've never met such nice, helpful people.  Everything is cut to size and they send you home with instructions.  The closet system takes less than an hour to install (not counting the prep and painting).

This new closet design uses every inch of this closet, and actually makes the closet look bigger than ever.

The closet on my list this year is my guest room closet.  I would like to make half of it a "craft" closet to keep all of my fabrics, gift wrapping and crafts and the other side for some clothing storage.  Here are some of the pictures giving me some inspiration.
Image from The Container Store
This closet is painted, which I love.  Also, this closet uses drapes instead of doors.  That's an option I am seriously considering.  Right now I have by-pass doors on my guest room closet.  That means I can only see half of the closet at any given time.  I don't have room for doors than open up, and even bi-fold doors won't work in that room.  I love the use of drawers in this closet.

Image from The Container Store
I am loving the color combination in this closet.  My guest room is a more subtle blue and green combination.

Image from The Container Store

Image from The Container Store

Look at these awesome craft closets.  I can't wait to be this organized with my crafts.

Image from The Container Store

Anyone else out there as passionate about an organized closet as I am?  I'd love to hear all about it.  I'd also love any ideas on alternatives to closet doors which maybe I haven't considered.  I love and appreciate your comments.



Leah said...

OMG these are all so gorgeous! I need to organize mine asap!!


Becky@OrganizingMadeFun said...

You are just like closet a year with the Elfa when they go on sale! I've already go my design done for my son's closet, but just need to tweek it a bit. Then, on the 24th I'll be headed over to pick it up!!

Vanessa said...

Hi Judy! Wow that was some great inspiration! Both from the borrowed pics and from the ones of your own amazing space! Our master bedroom closet has TONS of potential but it just isn't living up to it right now. Maybe it can be a project for the new year! :-)
If I don't get another chance to come back, I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving, my friend!

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